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Haul Doubles and Triples

Trailers available!

Class A CDL drivers can increase their income by hauling multiple RV units or travel trailers at the same time. Our Multi Haul division leases drivers with their own 1-ton trucks or larger. Bring your own trailer or lease one of ours and enjoy guaranteed backhauls! Our terminal is located in Bristol, Indiana and delivers to the lower 48.

No trailer? No problem!
Have your own? Bring it over!
Our high-rate/discounts/backhaul combination will have you earning a profit in no time.

Signing-on drivers:

RV Multi Haul Transport Class A CDL Driver
Multiple open positions

Class A CDL Hotshot Freight and Trailer
Multiple open positions

Limited number of trailers available!

Backhauls Guaranteed!

Freedom to live your life.

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Requirements for a RV Multi Haul Driver

Must have a 1-ton or larger pickup truck, with Bed-Delete or Semi and 5th-wheel hitch. Diesel strongly preferred.

Must have a valid Class A CDL

Must have at least 9 months of verifiable truck and trailer combination experience with a 53-ft or longer trailer within the last three years

Must have winching and strapping experience

DOT physical

Must be at least 23 years of age, for insurance requirements

Must be able to pass a drug test?

Triples?We have trailers for lease

If own trailer, it must have at least 53? deck space ?like Step-Deck or Low-Boy trailer

Trailer Lease Program
$0.25/mile forehaul deduction.?
Backhauls 80-20 with 5% deduction.
Minimum 2000 forehaul miles or $500.00 rent.

Doubles?Haul and Tow
A 24-foot-long min. deck with a beaver tail and ramps required.
Apportioned plate highest enough to transport 25,000 pounds actual weight of freight.

What we offer

Doubles, $3.10; Triples, $3.37 per mile

Guaranteed backhauls!

50% advance when you pick up your load

50-70+ Cents Per Gallon Diesel Fuel Discount Average? ?The highest fuel discounts available to RV transporters? when using the EFS card at participating FJ&P trucks stops. The discount amounts to an average of 6 cents per mile!?

EFS debit card

Same Day Pay

Non-Forced Dispatch ?You choose where and when you want to run

Additional pick-up and drop-off points across the country.

24/7 access for pick-up at all our yards

Established dedicated lanes

Passenger policy

Multiple bonus opportunities

Multi-Haul profitability?

How about $1500 profit for a 4-day trip?

Did you know that a cab and chassis, western-bed style dually or a semi-tractor pulling a company step-deck trailer can profit a minimum of $1509 on a four-day trip from Bristol to the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, paying $5.89 per gallon average for fuel and getting eight miles per gallon round trip.

Here?s the math:

1200 x 2 =2400 total miles.

Minimum rate is $3.10 per mile for fore haul and guaranteed minimum backhaul of $400, modest fuel discount $36 for a total gross revenue of $4156.

Fuel cost is $1767.

Estimated truck expenses at 20-cents per mile (less fuel) is $480.

Company fees to cover trailer maintenance and depreciation is $400.

It’s time for a change, and Pinnacle is here for you.


We understand what it’s like to be a driver.

?Before driving for Pinnacle Fleet, I would always ask drivers what company is best to drive for, and Pinnacle came up again and again. People told me how much they loved driving for Pinnacle, so I signed on. I?ve been driving with for almost 4 years, and I love it. I get to travel all over and have the freedom to see the country, while making great money.? I am Pinnacle.?

Ed M.

Driver, Towaway

What you’ll achieve with the Power of Pinnacle backing you:


As an independent contractor, you run your own business!


Non-forced dispatch gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want.?


Join a world-class team and never miss another memorable moment.

An Opportunity for every lifestyle



No truck? No problem. Delivering utility trucks, step vans, and buses from manufacturers to destinations across the USA and Canada.



Put your pickup truck to work! Use your truck to deliver towable RVs from manufacturers to destinations across the USA and Canada.



Go big or go home! Hauling manufactured housing, modular workspaces, and oversized freight across the USA, year-round.



Ready for a challenge? Use your pickup truck along with a 53? trailer to haul multiple RVs. Consistent backhauls keep you loaded on the return trip, with trailer leasing opportunities available.



Providing innovative logistic solutions through technology.



Helping carriers of all sizes find the right loads to the right destination.