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Benjamin S.

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“I like non-forced dispatching; my dispatchers are nice and always ready when I need a load,” he said, adding, “I never have to wait, and I get backhauls.”

Lloyd A

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“Everyone seems to care. Everyone has something going but still build relationships. The pay is comfortable, and I never have to worry about getting paid.”

Jeffrey C

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“I’ve been driving since 1981 and I just love it.” Jeffrey also has picked the right company to work with, saying “If I don’t want a load, I don’t have to take it.”

Scott F.

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“Heather is awesome.” In addition, Scott says he likes “doing my own thing, the manufacturer I pull out of and Bev, at the factory, knows I can get the job done.”

Ed M.

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“I like that I work for myself and have freedom; don’t punch a clock and make a good income.”.

Bernie W.

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Driving for Pinnacle is “a good fit for me and my wife,” Bernie says.

Thomas H.

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Despite his tender years, Tommy has been with our Toter division for eight years and he is a third generation Pinnacle driver. He says he has known TM Heather since he was a little boy.